• Monster Glo

A 20 Watt indoor/outdoor speaker with ambient lights, can be mounted with supplies hook

  • 20-Watt Speaker Output
  • 14-Hour Wireless Battery Life
  • IPX5 Dustproof & Water Resistant
  • Wall Mount Included
  • LED Lights

360 Sound

Turn up your music and enjoy from every angle. This speaker’s unique design allows you to create the ultimate audio environment and fills any room or backyard with an even amount of crisp sound.


EZ-Play® allows you to easily connect up to 8 speakers wirelessly and broadcast your favorite music to all speakers simultaneously to create an Audio Surround Experience indoors or outdoors.

Auxiliar In

The Monster Auxiliar input allows you to connect your mobile device, tablet, and MP3 Player via the included stereo cable. Listen to your favorite music directly with the highest quality.


  • Monster GLO Speaker
  • AC Power Cable
  • Audio Cable
  • User Manual (incl. Warranty)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Wall Mount

Weight (lb)  5.4 lbs

Dimension (W x H x D)   12.09" x 8.11" x 8.1"

Materials   Plastic

Type of Jack:  3.5mm

Monster Zone Control App

The Monster Zone app places full command of your Speaker in the palm of your hand. The Monster Zone app is strictly compatible with the Solara, GLO 2, Roam, Roam 2, RRX, RR4, RR Charge, Decora and Retro.

Adjust Volume

Control volume levels on your Speaker through your mobile device.

LED Lighting

Adjust brightness and LED color through the Monster Zone Control App.

Connect to Device

Connect any device that you have and save your settings

Source Selection

Change source, control FM radio, and even control bass and treble.

LED Light Panels

AThe GLO offers a wide field of illumination. Set the brightness level, light color, and light duration to your individual needs and specifications. Connect multiple GLO speakers via EZ-Play and you can illuminate your entire backyard, or any large area.

Sync & Play on 8 Speakers

AEZ-Play technology allows you to wireless sync the GLO with up to 7 other compatible EZ-Play speakers. Connect up to 8 GLO speakers to spread the music (and the light) across hundreds of feet of space – indoors or outdoors.

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