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Rockin' Roller 4

Rockin' Roller 4

An outdoor wireless Bluetooth speaker with 100-watt output and 100-hour battery life. IPX4 weatherproofing and multiple audio options, including FM radio, NOAA radio, microphone, and guitar. Can wirelessly connect with a second Rockin’ Roller 4 speaker via Monster TWS! Designed for two Rockin’ Roller 4 speakers to stack on top of each other and lock in place.

Monster ROAM


Lightweight, portable, and waterproof. The ROAM is perfectly designed for any excursion that takes you to the water. It is IP67 waterproof and features a unique design that allows the speaker to float right side up, so your audio plays loud and proud

Monster GLO2


A lantern speaker with dual LED panels with color and brightness options. Features EZ-Play technology to wirelessly connect with up to 7 other speakers and sync audio playback. Can be mounted with included mounting bracket, or a fixture of your choice. Use the Monster Zone Control mobile app to make changes to your speaker setup from the palm of your hand!




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