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Tower of Music

• 20-watt sound power
• 8-hour wireless battery life
• 4 high-performance speaker drivers
• Bluetooth/NFC connectivity
• EZ-Play multi-speaker connectivity
• AUX & USB ports
Model: BTW218

Tower of Music

Homeowners and tenants buy wireless home speakers for many reasons. Besides the obvious benefit of not having to tape electric cords out of the way, or even running cords through your walls, using wireless speakers in your home allows you to easily move your sound system around and change your setup without hassle. Using EZ-Play technology, you can connect up to 8 wireless speakers to fill multiple rooms with music simultaneously! 

EZ-Play Speaker Sound

With EZ-Play technology, you can connect the Tower of Music to other BTW-218 speakers throughout your home. Connect up to 8 home speakers and expand your listening experience from the front door to the backyard!


The speaker wirelessly pairs with devices through Bluetooth and Near Field Communication (NFC), making it compatible with almost every mobile device and tablet on the market. Enjoy seamless connectivity from up to 30 feet!

4-Point Speaker Sound Power

The Tower of Music pumps out 20-watt sound power through 4 high-performance speakers:

•2.5-inch side-facing tweeters
•3-inch front-facing Full Range speakers
•3-inch side-facing passive radiators

Built-In Phone Call Answering

The Tower of Music smoothly transitions from music player to phone speaker without having to switch between apps on your device. Accept the call on your phone and use the Tower of Music’s 10-foot range built-in microphone. When your call ends, the speaker automatically returns to the music!

Battery & Power Bank

The built in 2200mAh battery holds enough juice to keep the music going wirelessly for 8 hours on a full charge. Take the Tower of Music indoors, or outdoors! The battery is also ready to be used as a power bank to charge your mobile device through the built-in USB port.