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• Connect 8 speakers
• Solar panel charging
• Built-In mood lighting
• IPX weather resistance
• Omni-directional sound
Mobile App available now

Monster SOLARA

Solar-powered, wireless Bluetooth speaker for indoors and outdoors. 360-degree LED light, 360-degree sound, solar-charging panel, and EZ-Play technology.

SOLARA Features

The Monster SOLARA outdoor speaker is jam packed with features that are perfect for any outdoor event!
Solar Panel
Solar Charging

The Solara’s built-in solar panel charges the speaker’s battery, boosting battery life and audio performance outdoors. More time in the sun means less time plugged into a socket.

Mood Lighting
Ambient Lighting

360° LED panels bring light to the darkness. The Solara speaker’s lights illuminates the area around the speaker. Get visibility when you need it, or set the mood with ambient lighting.

Connect up to 8 speakers

Monster’s EZ-Play wirelessly connects the Solara speaker to other compatible speakers! You can connect up to 8 EZ-Play speakers together at once! 

Omni-Directional Sound
Powerful Sound

The Solara’s speaker drivers and subwoofer are engineered to create a 360° omni-directional sound experience. No matter what position it is in, the Solara’s audio plays clear and true.

Monster Zone Controller

The Monster Zone app puts full command of our Monster EZ-Play speakers in the palm of your hand. The Monster EZ-Play wireless bluetooth speakers are loaded with several features that make them great for indoors and outdoors. 

The Monster Zone app is strictly compatible with the Monster GLO and Monster Solara.



Press and hold the EZ-Play button on the 1st speaker. On a second speaker tap the EZ-Play button. This should convert the second speaker to a receiving unit and automatically establish a connection between the two. Please refer to page 5 in the user manual.

Press and hold the Color | Timer button for 3 seconds. This will cycle between 2, 4, 6, and 8 hours.

The Monster SOLARA  has an integrated "Light" button which cycles between the different levels (ON, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, and OFF)