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Rockin' Roller PRO

• LED Lights for easy night viewing.
• Bluetooth | FM | AUX | Mic. | Guitar Inputs.
• Indoor | Outdoor weather resistant.
• Expandability. Connect multiple units via AUX output.
• 80 Watts of power and 100 hours of battery life.
Model: RR-PRO


Rockin' Roller PRO

The Rockin' Roller PRO is one of the most powerful Bluetooth speakers for indoors and outdoors in the Monster Rockin' series. The Rocking’ Roller PRO is like no other speaker in its’ category. It packs 80 watts of powerful sound, comes with a wireless microphone, has a microphone/guitar input and much more! Become unstoppable with this speaker. Whether it’s a gig, a barbeque or just some karaoke with friends, the Rockin’ Roller Pro has you covered. 


Wireless Microphone 


Don’t just listen to your music, sing along to it like a professional would. The included wireless microphone easily pairs to your Rockin’ Roller PRO.

Mic | Guitar Input(s)


Not only does the Rockin Roller PRO come with its’ own wireless microphone, it also has a MIC/Guitar input. Each input has an adjustable Gain and Echo dial knob.

80 Watts of Power


The Rockin’ Roller PRO is one of our more powerful Bluetooth speakers today. It boasts 80 watts of powerful sound without sacrificing the crisp sound and powerful bass!


Weather Proof


Nothing stops a professional, not even the weather. Play your music and get the job done in all types of weather, without the fear if ruining your speaker or ending the party early.



Just in case you want any more powe, the Rockin’ Roller PRO has an AUX out connection. Grab a second speaker and connect both using any 3.5mm cable.



The speaker’s telescoping handle and wheels make the Rockin’ Roller PRO extremely portable. There is no need to carry speakers anymore!