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Rockin' Roller 3

• 100-hour playback battery life
• 100-watt high-power sound
• NOAA Weather Radio
• TWS (True Wireless System)
• IPX4 water/weather resistant
Model: RR3

Rockin Roller 3 

The Rockin' Roller 3 is the latest wireless Bluetooth speaker for indoors and outdoors in the Monster Rockin' series. It’s not just another Rockin’ Roller – it’s a whole new animal. With True Wireless System (TWS), you can connect and sync audio with two speakers at once. Connect to a second Rockin' Roller 3, or any other TWS-compatible speaker and double your audio output! The RR3 has built-in NOAA Weather Radio (NWR) for local weather hazard reports. 

Rockin' Roller 3

NOAA Radio

NOAA Weather Radio (NWR) is a radio frequency system that warns you about hazardous weather conditions that could develop at a moment’s notice. NWR is a great tool for the outdoors, and in some regions of the world, it is a lifesaver.


True Wireless System (TWS) is a wireless technology that allows two speakers to connect, sync, and play audio simultaneously. Stream audio from your phone via Bluetooth/NFC and use TWS to double your audio output and play across bigger spaces!

Line Out

Use the Line Out port to connect the Rockin’ Roller 3 to another device, including a second speaker! Create your own custom audio experience by connecting multiple audio devices while still retaining wireless streaming via Bluetooth/NFC.


With 100-watt audio output, the Rockin’ Roller 3 boasts even more sound power than its older brothers in the Rockin’ Series. This audio potential increases the range of volume available to you, especially when the event calls for bigger sound.

Mic & Guitar

The Rockin’ Roller 3 has two 1/4” inputs: one mic, and one mic/guitar. Each input has adjustable Gain and Echo dial knobs to adjust the audio experience as you see fit. Bonus: the Rockin’ Roller 3 comes with a wired microphone included!


Choose from multiple audio sources: Bluetooth/NFC, Line In, Line Out, Mic/Guitar In, TWS, FM Radio, and NOAA Radio. With two AC pass-through ports and two USB charging ports, this is one of the most versatile wireless speakers around.


Make sure the 1st speaker is connected to your mobile device via Bluetooth. Press the TWS button to activate the speaker's TWS feature. On the second speaker (not connected to any Bluetooth device) press the TWS button. The speaker will play a confirmation tone that it has successfully connected. For more information check out the video in the FAQ section.

The Rockin' Roller 3 is weather resistant and can be safely used outdoors or indoors. 

Press and hold down the volume knob until the LED displays the confirmation message "NOFF"

Customize your listening experience with 6EQ settings when in Bluetooth or AUX mode.



3. Rock

4. Pop

5. Classical

6. Default

The Rockin' Roller 3 is equipped with AUX out functionality, allowing you to output the signal of your Rockin' Roller 3 into an AUX input of a separate speaker.