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Monster Rambler

• Easy Bluetooth connect feature with audio confirmation
• FM radio to listen to local stations with presets
• USB port for charging Apple iPhone or other devices
• Built-in rechargeable battery lasts up to 30 hours
Model:  MRR-S

Rockin' Rambler

The Monster® Rockin’ Rambler comes with the features you come to expect in a wireless speaker, and goes a step further by delivering powerful audio in a compact unit. While most portable Bluetooth speakers have 5-watt or 10-watt outputs, the Rockin’ Rambler packs an exceptional 30 watts of sound. When you want crisper audio and harder bass, the Rockin’ Rambler delivers what you need!


The Monster Rockin' Rambler comes equipped with Bluetooth and NFC technologies! Wirelessly sync your mobile device to the speaker and loudly play your speaker anywhere. Your playlists and favorite tunes can be played through a high quality, yet portable speaker.

Microphone & Guitar 

The Monster Rockin' Rambler comes with a 3.5mm microphone/guitar input. Play or sing along to your music. No Problem!

*Guitar and Microphone not included


30 hours on a full charge is what you get! Stop using speakers that need continuous charging! Once the Rambler has been charged, you are ready to go!

USB Charger

The USB input on the Rambler allows you to charge your mobile devices. Don’t worry about your devices dying on you! Just charge via the 5 volt, 2 amp USB charger.


Don’t be fooled by the compact and portable design of the speaker. It packs the power that Monster has become known for. 30 watts of powerful sound is what you get with the Rockin' Rambler.

FM Radio

This portable speaker comes equipped with an FM radio. If you don’t have any music on you, just listen to your stations. Your favorite local stations can be accessed and stored on to the Rockin' Rambler!

Weather Resistant (IPX4)

The Rockin' Rambler is weather resistant. Don’t worry if splashes of water land on your speaker or a drink accidentally gets dropped on it while tailgating. These speakers were made to be taken anywhere in any weather.

*Not to be submerged in water