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• 20-Watt Speaker Output
• 10-Hour Wireless Battery Life
• IPX5 Dustproof & Water Resistant
• EZ-Play 8-Speaker Connection
• LED Light Panels
Model: MNGLO-S


The GLO is a wireless Bluetooth speaker, and it is also an LED lantern. Sporting two LED panels with custom color, brightness, and duration settings, the GLO Bluetooth speaker is an ideal companion for the outdoors and ambient-light environments. Backyards, campsites, and just about anywhere you may need to light the way. The GLO speaker also utilizes EZ-Play technology, allowing it to connect with up to 7 other compatible speakers (GLO, Tower of Music 1 & 2, Solara, etc.). 

LED Light Panels

The GLO offers a wide field of illumination. Set the brightness level, light color, and light duration to your individual needs and specifications. Connect multiple GLO speakers via EZ-Play and you can illuminate your entire backyard, or any large area.


The GLO speaker can hang from wall mounts, cable lines, and wherever you can stably mount it with the mounting handle. Configure your audio system in new, inventive ways – and change it at a moment’s notice without hassle or pesky wiring.

Customize Light Settings

Choose from 8 different colors (white, green, red, dark blue, yellow, light blue, purple, and chroma), 4 different brightness levels (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%), and 4 different timer settings (2H, 4H, 6H, 8H). Set the mood to fit each occasion.

High-Power Audio

The GLO’s 20-watt output puts it a cut above many wireless Bluetooth speakers. 2 full range drivers and 2 passive radiators make clear highs and strong lows. The GLO brings strong, dependable sound when you need it, without flinching.

IPX5 Weatherproof

IPX5 dustproofing and water resistance allow the GLO to withstand normal weather patterns, including light rain and wind. It also withstands splashes of water from the pool, drink spills, and other common party hazards.

Sync & Play on 8 Speakers

EZ-Play technology allows you to wireless sync the GLO with up to 7 other compatible EZ-Play speakers. Connect up to 8 GLO speakers to spread the music (and the light) across hundreds of feet of space – indoors or outdoors.


The GLO has a dependable 10-hour wireless battery life that will keep the audio going strong for extended parties and events. This means no restrictions from wires, and less hassle from constant recharging every few hours.


Press and hold the EZ-Play button on the 1st speaker. On a second speaker tap the EZ-Play button. This should convert the second speaker to a receiving unit and automatically establish a connection between the two. Please refer to page 5 in the user manual.

The Monster GLO speaker is IPX5 certified, making it weather resistant and allowing it to withstand normal weather patterns, including light rain and wind. 

The Monster GLO has an integrated "Light" button which cycles between the different levels (ON, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, and OFF)

Every Monster GLO speaker includes a mounting hook that can securely be installed to most surfaces. Please consult with a professional before drilling into a wall!

Press and hold the Color | Timer button for 3 seconds. This will cycle between 2, 4, 6, and 8 hours.

The battery on the Monster GLO will last up to 10 hours on a full charge. Please note that volume levels, audio mode, light, and brightness features effect the battery life.