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  • 30-Watt Speaker Output
  • 10-Hour Wireless Battery Life
  • IPX5 Dustproof & Water Resistant
  • EZ-PLAY 8-Speaker Connection
  • LED Light Panels
  • Simulated Flame Effect

FLAME Features

The Monster Flame The latest EZ-PLAY product makes this bright lantern speaker perfect for the outdoors.

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Weather Resistant


IPX5 dustproofing and water resistance allow the Flame to withstand normal weather patterns, including light rain, wind and other common party hazards.


EZ-PLAY Connection.

Connect to other speakers

Monster’s EZ-PLAY wirelessly connects the Solara speaker to other compatible speakers! You can connect up to 8 EZ-PLAY speakers together at once!


30 Watts

30 Watts of powerful sound

25 watts of audio power lets the speaker be loud and proud outdoors. Improved performance based on customer feedback and team research of the original Flame.


Ambient Light

Flame Effect

Get in the right headspace with the Flame's built-in flame effect with its static or flickering mode. Additionally, you will find a Zen Mode which will play a collection of preinstalled ambient sounds for tranquility in any atmosphere.